Spotlight 5 Exit Test (Modules 1-10)

Spotlight 5 Exit Test
(Modules 1-10) + ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 5 Exit Test (Modules 1-10) + KEY to test (Английский язык 5 класс: Спотлайт Итоговый Тест модулей 1 — 10 + Ответы) — цитаты Теста за курс 5 класса с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 5 класса. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина, Дж. Дули, О.Е. Подоляко, В. Эванс / М.: Просвещение. Цитаты использованы в учебных целях.

Часть 1. Только ОТВЕТЫ

А) 1-C       2-A           3-C           4-C            5-A            6-A
7-A          8-C            9-A            10-C          11-В          12-C
13-В         14-A          15-C          16-C          17-В          18-C
19-C        20-A          21-C          22-A          23-В          24-C
25-В        26-A          27-В          28-C          29-A          30-C

В)      31-b   32-a   33-a   34-b   35-b
C)      36-T   37-F   38-DS   39-DS   40-T
E)   41 False       42 True       43 True       44 False      45 False



Часть 2. Задания и Ответы

A). Choose the correct item.

1 I …….. new to the school.
A is   В are   C am

2 I’m American. I’m from ………. .
A the USA   В the UK   C Canada

3 Danny lives on the ……… floor.
A one   В two   C ground

4 Who’s Kathy? She’s Laura’s ………. .
A father   В brother   C mother

5 Sue and I are friends ……… walk to school together.
A We   В They   C You

6 ‘…….. you help me carry this box?’
‘Of course!’
A Will   В Do   C Are

7 Rhinos have got horns ……….. their heads.
A on   В up   C out

8 Have you got the time, please? Yes, it’s half ………… six.
A after   В before   C past

9 We eat breakfast in the ………. .
A morning   В afternoon   C evening

10 Can you put ………… rice in my bowl, please?
A any   В a   C some

11 Put ………. your scarf and gloves. It’s cold today!
A away   В on   C in

12 Do I look all right in this? Yes, ……. fits you perfectly!
A they   В its   C it

13 Mr Williams is a ……… . He always delivers our letters.
A taxi driver   В postman   C baker

14 There are six ……… on the table.
A knives   В knife   C box

15 Has Jim got ……… book?
A those   В these   C this

16 Whose house is that? It’s ……… house.
A Katies’   В Katie    C Katie and Jack’s

17 You ……… be quiet in the classroom.
A mustn’t   В must   C always

18 Ellen is going on safari. She ……… to see lions.
A want   В will   C wants

19 What are you ……… now?
A does   В do   C doing

20 We haven’t got ……… milk in the fridge.
A any   В some   C a

21 Sam wears ……… in the summer because it’s hot.
A trousers   В coats   C shorts

22 How ……… rice can you eat?
A much   В many   C some

23 ‘Would you like to come fishing with me?’
‘No, thanks! It’s ……… .’
A exciting   В boring   C enjoyable

24 Will you come sailing with me? No, I ……… .
A will   В don’t   C won’t

25 Have you got a toothache? You must see a ……… .
A doctor   В dentist   C teacher

26 You ………. go skiing. There isn’t any snow!
A can’t   В can   C must

27 ……… time does the party start?
A When   В What   C Where

28 My hobby is walking. I like to go ……… in the mountains.
A swimming   В sunbathing   C hiking

29 ‘Why don’t you come sailing?’
‘I’m sorry, but I …………. .’
A can’t   В am not   C don’t

30 This house belongs to John. It’s ……………. house.
A her   В our   C his

Everyday English

В). Choose the correct response.

31 How can I help you?   a) Yes, please.   b) I’m looking for a teddy bear.
32 Enjoy your meal!   a) Thank you.   b) I’d love to.
33 Is there any milk?   a) Yes, there is.   b) No, it isn’t.
34 Where is the bathroom?   a) It’s in front of the sofa.   b) It’s on the first floor.
35 Where is she from?   a) In London.   b) The UK.


C). Read the postcard and mark the sentences T (true), F (false) or DS (doesn’t say).

Dear George,
How are you? Here we are at my grandma and grandpa’s country house and we’re having a great time! The house is old, but very beautiful. It’s got three floors and six bedrooms. AI the bedrooms have got a beautiful fireplace and their own bathroom.
It’s a bit cold and windy here, but the sun is shining. In the morning, my grandpa makes us breakfast, then we all go for a little walk to the nearby village. Sometimes, we feed the ducks in the river. After lunch at the cottage, we play board games like Monopoly or Scrabble, or we talk. My grandpa is very funny and tells very good stories!
At the moment, my grandma is decorating the house with balloons. It’s my brother’s birthday tomorrow. We’ll probably have a little party for him! See you soon.

36 Olga’s bedroom has got its own bathroom. …. – T
37 It’s hot. …. – F
38 Olga’s grandpa is a good cook. …. – DS
39 Monopoly is Olga’s favourite game. …… – DS
40 Olga’s grandma is decorating the house for a party. …. – T


D). You are on a trip with your family. Write a postcard to a friend (about 80 words). Write about:
• where you are staying e.g. a house/hotel/campsite
• what it’s like there
• the weather
• activities
Use the postcard in Ex. C as a model.

Suggested Answer Key
Dear Angela,
How are you? Here we are at my aunt and uncle’s country cottage and I’m having a wonderful time! The cottage is one hundred years old. It has only got one floor and two bedrooms, but it’s very beautiful. It’s hot and the sun is shining here. Every day, we go for a long walk in the morning, then my aunt cooks a delicious lunch. She’s a very good cook! In the afternoon, I always put on my shorts and a T-shirt and sunbathe in the beautiful garden. Tomorrow, there will be a festival in the nearby town. During the festival, everyone dresses up in costumes and dances in the streets. I’ll tell you all about it next week.
See you soon.


E). Listen to two friends talking and circle True or False.

41 The weather is good.   True   False
42 Jo is wearing a coat.   True   False
43 Jo hasn’t got any plans for the weekend.   True   False
44 Becky wants to buy a new skirt.   True   False
45 Becky and Jo will go shopping at eleven o’clock on Saturday.   True   False


Вы смотрели: Spotlight 5 Exit Test (Modules 1-10) + KEY to test (Английский язык 5 класс: Спотлайт Итоговый Тест + Ответы) — цитаты Теста за курс 5 класса с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 5 класса. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение. Цитаты использованы в учебных целях.

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