Spotlight 8 Entry Test (входной тест) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 8 Entry Test
(входной тест) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 8 Entry Test (входной тест + ответы) — цитаты из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение, 2016.

Choose the correct item.

1 Hurry up! Our train ….. in half an hour!
A) left                   B) leaves             C) will leave

2 Can you be a little quiet, please? The baby
A) sleeps             B) is sleeping     C) will sleep

3 Susan doesn’t think books about pirate ships are very ………. She prefers romantic novels.
A) interested      B) interest           C) interesting

4 The Nelsons looked very surprised when they …. that their next-door neighbour was a famous writer.
A) hear  B) were hearing               C) heard

5 Mark…….. his tooth yesterday, when he fell off his bike.
A) twisted           B) sprained         C) chipped

6 That is the girl ……. father works in the armed forces with my dad.
A) who                B) that                 C) whose

7 Let’s go on a…….this year. I’d love to see wild animals in their natural habitat.
A) safari              B) jungle              C) ride

8 If Jim……to Spain on business next month, he will stay three extra days to visit the sights.
A) is going to travel         B) will travel      C) travels

9 Hugh Grant is a(n)……
A) young, excellent, English         B) excellent, young, English       C) English, excellent, young

10 Martha tells wonderful jokes. She is the…… girl in our class.
A) funny              B) funnier            C) funniest

11 My brother didn’t become a songwriter ……… he finished his music studies at university.
A) while               B) until C) then

12 Mary bought new skating gear ……..?
A) didn’t she      B) she didn’t       C) she did

13 Lin …… in her tree house, when her mum called her for lunch.
A) played             B) used to play                 C) was playing

14 I have a doctor’s appointment. Could you please look ….. the children while I’m out?
A) up                    B) after               C) for

15 We …….. chess all morning. Can we do something else now?
A) has played     B) have been playing     C) will play

16 Mary lives in Hollywood, but she…..a famous celebrity.
A) has never meet           B) never has met             C) has never met

17 Tom ……that the house down the street is haunted.
A) is believing    B) believes         C) believe

18 When you freeze water, it………into ice.
A) is turning        B) turns               C) is going to turn
19 I don’t really think there’ll be flying cars someday, but I guess anything is……
A) responsible                  B) typical             C) possible

20 Christopher goes to the university…..foot every day, as he enjoys the exercise.
A) by                     B) on                    C) with

21 Everyone at the wedding danced and sang, to celebrate the happy…….
A) occasion        B) incident          C) accident

22 If Teddy is sick, he should stay in bed and drink lots of…….
A) ice cream       B) chocolate      C) fluids

23 Julie always ….. her eyes when she gets sleepy in the evening.
A) rub                   B) rubs                 C) is rubbing

24 When Sue was young, she…….hide-and-seek with her friends. Now, she prefers playing board games.
A) was playing                  B) used to played            C) used to play

25 Mum exchanged the green slippers Liz gave her, because they didn’t …… her pink dressing gown.
A) fit                     B) match             C) suit

26 I’m thinking of buying a new car. The one I have is falling …..
A) down              B) out                   C) apart

27 Madonna’s new pop song is really ……. I’ve been singing the tune all day.
A) noisy               B) catchy            C) creepy

28 Joe …… to finish his homework before he goes to the cinema with his friends.
A) will                   B) has                  C) should

29 Cindy took us ……. for a lovely dinner to celebrate her new acting job.
A) out                  B) away                C) off

30 If Dan …. to go to the film festival with me, then I can go with Amy.
A) won’t want   B) doesn’t want              C isn’t wanting

31 There is …… of chocolate in the fridge. Maybe I’ll make a chocolate cake today.
A) some              B) a lot                C) a little

32 Mike’s risky decision to set up his own company at such a young age was quite…….I really admire him.
A) realistic          B) daring             C) determined

33 Timmy is always late for work, as he never wakes up when the alarm clock goes……….
A) off    B) on     C) out

34 Let’s take some sandwiches and a ……… of biscuits with us to the beach. We might get hungry after our swim.
A) packet            B) carton             C) can

35 Unless you…….me with the cooking, I won’t have dinner ready on time.
A) help                B) will help         C) don’t help

36 Dad…….the weather report last night, when Mum asked him to help her in the kitchen.
A) watched         B) has been watching     C) was watching

37 The roller coaster ride was the most spectacular …… at the theme park.
A) area                B) attraction      C) sight

38 Ted and Lisa are really looking… their trip to Legoland this summer.
A) for                   B) up                    C) forward

39 I’m afraid Mr Brown’s not in. He’s ……. to Moscow on business.
A) gone               B) went               C) been

40 Jenny loved the pet parrot her sister …… her for her birthday last month.
A) was giving     B) gave                C) has given

Spotlight 8 Entry Test

41 While she was ice-skating, Eva ……. on the icy surface and broke her leg.
A) splashed         B) slipped           C) swapped

42 If Mary is too busy to help Paul and Linda move house, they’ll do it……..
A) theirselfs        B) themselves   C) theirselves

43 This is the beach…….my brother works as a lifeguard.
A) where             B) which              C) who

44 As I was looking through some old photos, I came…….a picture of my grandfather in his
army uniform.
A) round              B) out                  C) across

45 Tom’s laptop……him to go online and do his work even when he’s not in the office.
A) succeeds        B) achieves         C) enables

46 Larry is a very good athlete. He runs ……. than anyone else on the school team.
A) more quickly              B) most quickly                C as quickly

47 Juan loves listening to English pop songs, even though he doesn’t understand all the ………
A) melodies        B) lyrics               C) scripts

48 If we don’t reduce air pollution, acid rain will continue to ……. the trees and plants we need for oxygen.
A) burn                B) emit                C) poison

49 …. Maria got to work yesterday, she checked all her emails.
A) As soon as    B) Just                 C) Until

50 If you simply sit around and do nothing all day, you’re going to fall …….with your schoolwork.
A) out                  B) apart               C) behind

51 It’s snowing today; wear a ……. jumper over your shirt.
A) woollen         B) leather            C) cotton

52 John could not see in the heavy fog, and lost control ……. his car. Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt.
A) of                    B) from                C) with

53 Some birds, like turkeys or pheasants, build their ……. on the ground, and not in trees.
A) nests               B) cliffs                C) caves

54 I think surfing is very difficult, but Mike thinks it’s easy as…….
A) cake                B) beans              C) pie

55 Sue can’t play the accordion ……..?
A) cannot she    B) can she          C) she can’t

56 We love living in the city. Everything is so ….. at hand.
A) near                B) far                   C) close

57 We didn’t find any unusual art works at the exhibition. In fact, all the paintings were quite
A) unique            B) strange           C) ordinary

58 It’s late and I have to get up early tomorrow. I think I’ll turn…now.
A) into                 B) on                    C) in

59 If you study hard at school this year, you ….. high marks.
A) going to get  B) will get           C) are getting

60 Harrison Ford is probably best-known for his …… in Indiana Jones.
A) plot                 B) rating              C) role

61 The famous actress got angry during the interview, when the ……. started asking her personal questions.
A) journalist       B) engineer         C) mayor

62 While Jill was painting her room last week, she fell off the …… and sprained her wrist.
A) rake                B) hammer         C) ladder

63 Professor Johnson’s fun and loving ……. is what makes her popular with her students.
A) character       B) appearance   C) built

64 Susie can tell you where the restaurant is, as she has been there …….
A) yet                  B) before            C) just

65 Thomas doesn’t like romantic comedies. Thrillers are his cup of …….
A) milk                 B) tea                  C) broth

66 Johnny can’t swim as …… Mark, because he has hurt his back.
A) fast than        B) fast as            C) fast from

67 During our walk through the wildlife …….. we saw many interesting species of birds.
A) reserve           B) campus           C) atmosphere

68 If you’re thirsty, you may have a ….. of cola or a glass of juice.
A) jar     B) box   C) can

69 Alex and Cathy…..toffee apples all morning, and the kitchen is a mess.
A) has made       B) have been making    C) have made

70 My brother is an excellent science fiction writer. The stories he makes…..are very imaginative.
A) up     B) out    C) in

71 Tom has been feeling ……… all day today. Maybe he’s coming down with the flu.
A) cheerful          B) miserable      C) refreshed

72 Henry…….in his father’s toy store since he was 17 years old, and he’s very happy there.
A) worked           B) has worked   C) was working

73 Tom and his family feel very ……… in the countryside, as the nearest house to them is 40 kilometres away.
A) homesick       B) isolated          C) crowded

74 Georgia got her driving licence ……. than her brother Phillip.
A) earlier             B) more early     C) earliest

75 We haven’t got …….. sugar. Would you like honey in your tea?
A) some               B) many               C) any

76 Mike still lives with his parents ……. he?
A) hasn’t             B) isn’t                 C) doesn’t

77 Storytelling on cold winter nights has been a(n)……in my family for over 40 years.
A) location          B) tradition        C) investigation

78 I don’t know …… operates the non-profit organisation, but you can go online and find out their name.
A) who                B) which              C) what

79 Julie wore a different costume for every …… in our school play.
A) spot                B) score               C) scene

80 Jane has been trying to find her lost cat ….. Monday.
A) for    B) on     C) since


Вы смотрели: Spotlight 8 Entry Test (входной тест + ответы) — цитаты из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 8 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др. Вернуться на страницу «Английский язык 6-9 классы».

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